We have found another option for you provided by the American Lung Association. 

Freedom From Smoking® Online

This online smoking cessation program sponsored by the American Lung Association is an interactive course designed to educate and modify the behavior patterns of a smoker. Freedom From Smoking Online can be accessed day or night, seven days a week, on any schedule the smoker chooses.  It is ready whenever a smoker wants to start the process of quitting and it’s free of charge (registration is required).

What to Expect with Freedom From Smoking®

Module 1:

In Module 1 you will get information about the FFS program, how it works, and what to expect. We help you determine your readiness to quit smoking, and to reduce your ambivalence about quitting. This week we also help you begin believing that you actually can quit smoking.

Module 2:

During Module 2 you will begin to understand your learned habit. You will learn some stress management/relaxation techniques. And you will begin to build you confidence and motivation to quit.

Module 3:

You will come to a deeper understanding of your particular smoking habit. Then we will begin to look at substitute behaviors to smoking. You will make specific plans to cope with you trigger situations. This will help you avoid relapse. We will give you some information on nicotine reduction therapy, and you will make general preparations for quitting. On your chosen Quit Day you will make a firm decision to go smoke free. There will be a special way to say good-bye to your cigarettes on the message boards.

Module 4:

This module covers physical and psychological recovery symptoms. We will look at the medical and non-medical benefits of quitting. You will spend time on the message boards discussing particular problems, fears and successes. And we will cover the dynamics of stress and some options to healthier stress management techniques.

Module 5:

During Module 5 we dive into long term strategies for maintaining a smoke free lifestyle. We will deal specifically with weight control issues, and saying, “No” to cigarettes in social situations.

Module 6:

We will continue with maintenance issues as we offer information about staying smoke free. We will talk about your new, nonsmoking, self image. We’ll cover fitness and exercise, and teach a plan for beginning a walking program. You will also learn some assertive communication techniques.

Module 7:

This is truly a time for celebration! We will cover the effects of secondhand smoke. We will also review your nonsmoking status. We cover how long the recovery process takes, what you can continue to expect, and then we ask you to evaluate the program.