From time to time we come across sites that just blow us away in regards to  their efforts in helping all people try and quit smoking. We all realize that  getting people to stop smoking is the ultimate goal for all sites. So in that vein we present the following website. Become An Ex

What does it take to BECOME AN EX?

Tobacco addiction is complex, and over time it works its way into almost every aspect of your life. Digging it out will take some thinking, a plan and then effort.Being ready to quit means committing to it without any reservations. There can be no loopholes in the agreement with yourself, no rationalizations like “I’ll quit as long as I can keep my temper” or “I’ll quit as long as I don’t gain one pound.” You won’t make it if you hold on to any other thought except that of quitting and by using any means necessary.Being ready means being willing to align a lot of things in your life to achieve success in this one goal. For you, this could mean:

  • Trying a nicotine replacement medication like the patch or the gum or a nonnicotine replacement medication
  • Studying your smoking behaviors: learning when, where and why you smoke
  • Working with a “quitting coach”
  • Avoiding things you associate with smoking
  • Making some changes in your lifestyle
  • Finding ways to relax that don’t involve cigarettes
  • Getting some exercise
  • Asking friends and family for support
  • Making a comprehensive plan that fights the addiction on every front where it can attack you: physical, behavioral, psychological and spiritual

What is EX?

EX is a method of freeing yourself from addiction to tobacco. It was created as a collaborative effort between the American Legacy Foundation and the Mayo Clinic, specifically for people who are really ready to quit and are looking for a better way. If you’re ready to try, you’re in the right place.

What you need is a plan.

Our EX Quit Plan is a comprehensive approach, one that comes at this addiction from all sides: the physical, the behavioral, the psychological and the spiritual. All of these need to be addressed. In fact, we’ve found that the more personalized your plan and the more tools you have to work with, the more likely you are to succeed.

EX offers a variety of tools that will help with your quit attempt – a step by step Online personalized quit plan, a free EX Quit Plan book that you can order and follow on your own, or a toll-free number that will connect to state tobacco quit lines for free cessation information.

You can get started on the Online personalized EX Quit Plan by clicking on the link below.  If you aren’t ready just yet, you can take preview tour of the Online EX Quit Plan program.  We also encourage you to read what former smokers said about their experience with the Online EX Quit Plan